Spiritual direction is an ancient practice in which one person accompanies another on their journey through life, helping them to grow closer to God in the process.

Together, and in the company of Christ, the director and directee listen for the promptings of the Spirit and reflect on how best to respond to God’s call to prayer and action.

As a Spiritual Director, I bring my gifts of discernment and the ability to enable others to respond creatively to the invitation of the Holy Spirit. My deep desire for my ministry in this area is to help people move from their heads to their hearts, and to grow in a more meaningful and active relationship with God. I strive to:- –

  • hold a safe space in which people can be real with themselves and with God;
  • foster contemplation by framing my sessions with silence and prayer;
  • attend to, and honour, the complexity of people’s lives whilst sustaining a purposeful, spiritual direction focus;
  • use both images and the imagination to help people connect with God from their creative centre.

Much of my work is with those who currently work in – and those who are training for – Christian ministry, across different denominations. I offer a warm and welcoming environment for my directees. Our sessions usually take place every 4-6 weeks and last for an hour.

I can offer spiritual direction sessions via Zoom (the usual charge would be £40) or in-person (the usual charge would be £60).  

Note – I am not currently taking on new directees, but I am always happy to have conversations about Spiritual Direction, so do get in touch if you’d like to.

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